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MattPear Board

MattPear Board - is a durable board made of natural ash. It’s perfect for hookah preparing and kitchen tasks. Useful accessory for a clean working area and warm sentiment.
The board is indispensable for any hookah or kitchen tasks. It’s ecologic and comfortable for use.
The board is made of durable ash with thickness about 20mm and has a reinforced structure. It’s additionally protected by natural oil impregnation.
A rich wood texture is emphasized by careful polishing. An interesting form of a board doesn't let you take your eyes off.
Taken from nature
MattPear Board represents the warmth and strength of natural ash. This is a beautiful, dense and durable wood. It’s coated with a mineral composition with flax and walnut oils, which reliably protects the wood from moisture and clearly reveals the natural texture of ash.
Doesn’t bend or break
MattPear Board has a reinforced glue-lamel shield structure. It consist of several blocks of wood glued together, that makes it resistant to deformation due to temperature changes and exposure to water. It isn't afraid to fall with a thickness about 20mm, it’s also resistant to moderate impacts from cutting objects.
Thought out for you
MattPear Board working area is 350 х 250mm. This is enough for successfully complete of any hookah or kitchen tasks. Special sloped edges allow you to easily pick-up the board from any position. It has a branded logo coated by epoxy for durability and shinness.
A gift with benefit
MattPear Board - more than just a souvenir. It is helpful accessory created for comfort, estetic and pleasure. And a stylish pack turns it into practical and an enjoyable gift for yourself or a loved person.