Dear customers. Every product you purchase is a support for us during this difficult time for MattPear. What's happened?


The buyer has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Only goods that can be returned in accordance with the law are accepted for return:

  • Unused, provided their external appearance and consumer properties are preserved.
  • If the packaging, seals, labels, and documentation are intact.
  • If the goods and cash receipts confirming the purchase are available.

At the same time, the goods must be of proper quality - be serviceable and not have any damage, except for hidden production defects. The return of goods is carried out by the buyer.

The exchange of goods with defects is carried out based on the conclusion of the Service Center.

MattPear takes all possible measures to minimize the exchange period. At the same time, the maximum exchange period cannot exceed the periods established by law.