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MattPear Simple M Slim hookah stem

MattPear Simple M - a model that has become a bestseller on both the Russian and global markets. Clear and pleasant design, unparalleled quality, and attention to detail have enabled the sale of tens of thousands of units of equipment in more than 45 countries around the world.


  • Bowl adapter

  • Corrugated saucer

  • Sleeve

  • Hookah pipe cover

  • Hookah base with magnetic conncetion MattPear Port

  • Release valve with polyamide ball 9mm

  • Connector for hose

  • Deep tube

  • Removable diffuser

  • Mouthpiece Simple

  • Silicone hose with spring

  • Flask rubber seal

  • Bowl rubber seal

  • Simple M hookah packed in stylish and compact box MattPear with size: 25 х 21.5 х 9.5 sm

6 737.59 TL