Full set of MattPear HookahPlace

MattPear HookahPlace Edition - limited model with memorable engraving. It was released in limited edition for the 10th anniversary of the international network of hookah establishments HookahPlace.

It embodies all the best: sophisticated style, compactness and ergonomics. Made from full stainless steel, complected by big threaded flask and molasses catcher.


  • Molassec catcher Killer M instead bowl adapter

  • Sleeve

  • Corrugated saucer

  • Hookah base with magnetic conncetion MattPear Port

  • Connector for hose

  • Deep tube

  • Removable diffuser

  • Mouthpiece MattPear Art

  • Silicone hose with spring

  • Bowl rubber seal

  • Big threaded flask

  • Master-box HookahPlace

6 436.03 TL