MattPear Simple S/Classic M Bowl (Russia) фото 682

MattPear Simple S/Classic M Bowl (Russia)

MattPear Simple S/Classic M flask (Russia) with an original design. Equipped with silicone shock absorbers on the bottom to protect the flask and surfaces from damage and scratches, and to make the hookah installation process silent.

The flask is connected to the stem with a thread mount. It has a stainless steel ring on the neck into which the hookah base is screwed.

The outer diameter of the flask ring is 69 mm.

Compatible only with the updated version of the Classic M model, which has a thread on the hookah base. Please make sure you have the updated version of the Classic M before placing your order by pulling the seal from the base of the Classic M.

Attention! Handmade! Sometimes finished products made of blown glass may contain air bubbles, which is not a defect. Each flask is handmade, so in some cases, there may be bubbles or unevenness on the products.

1 228.45 ₤ TRY